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Blueface Make Fun Of Akademiks' Failed Music Career During Heated Conflict 

Blueface and DJ Akademiks have been in a heated social media feud this week. The feud seems to have begun on Thursday (January 12), when the rapper of "Thotianna" tweeted, "I got way more money than ak why he playing like this."

His remark came only days after Akademiks shared viral footage from Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock's Zeus Network reality program in which Rock smacked him in the head with a Hennessy bottle.

The next day, Blueface appeared to deny any wrongdoing, claiming that he had no beef with the Off The Record podcast host, whom he claims he uses for promotion.“I got no beef with ak guys I just use him for promo at this point if he tell y’all what I got going on I don’t have to say much just respond to him every once Ina while an he gone do his job for me for free [speaking emoji]…W promo,” Blueface tweeted.

In a tweet sent towards Blueface, DJ Akademiks claimed his support while further inciting the issue by suggesting music should be the West Coast rapper's emphasis.

“I fw and love Blueface … I want him not to be in abusive relationship and I don’t want his career and reputation ruined. I want him back focused on rap,” Akademiks tweeted.

Moreover, situations changed to a sharp left once Blueface spotted Akademiks' tweet and called him out on his "fake love," while also reminding him that he has now become a multi-hyphenate performer.

“Im the EP of my docu-series,” Blueface wrote in one tweet before adding in another: “Ak I’m bigger then rap I’m past rap stop tryna keep me Ina box cuz yo rap career ain’t take off.”