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Blueface comment about Drake following Chrisean on Instagram

 Chrisean Rock and Blueface's drama is heating up once more. For days, the pair has been embroiled in a verbal spat as the rapper disparages Rock

He's said he's grateful he only has one mother for his children, Jaidyn Alexis, after Rock revealed she's had many abortions.

However, during a No Jumper interview, a video of a tumultuous occurrence appeared online. In the video, a distraught Rock begs Blueface for help before being forcibly restrained and sent out. Despite the fact that her contribution to the discourse stopped, Blue persisted and had a few words regarding Drake.

“Um, I took it like he following me,” said Blueface. “You know, me and him have a past where he was a fan of me at one point in time. And so, my offspring, obviously he gon’, you know. It’s just kind of an infatuation with me through her.”

Blueface went to Twitter to explain on his bond with Rock. Their relationship has been marked by violent outbursts on the both sides, and he says she is psychologically unstable.

“Alcohol isn’t her problem, her mentality is her problem. All you people on here making excuses for a lack of self-control [and] irrational behavior is contributing to the problem,” he wrote.

“When she displays this type of irrational behavior on ‘Baddies’ or ‘Blue Girls Club’ you guys applaud [and] cheer. When it’s a different setting [and] it doesn’t look as good, you guys want it to be everybody else’s fault. This is how she carry herself, with or without me.”

However, Chrisean requested prayers from the public while explaining her difficulties with suicide thoughts and melancholy.