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Blueface Gets Into Altercation in Baltimore That Leaves Man Knocked Out

Blueface has been caught in an other altercation, this time leaving a man unconscious.

The altercation takes place as the beleaguered California rapper continues to face charges in connection with an alleged gunshot outside a Las Vegas strip club last year.

Blueface can be seen brawling alongside his crew on the streets of Baltimore, the hometown of his girlfriend Chrisean Rock, in the most recent incident, which was recorded on video. The mob slams a man to the ground, and when they disperse, the man stays still on the concrete.

The "Thotiana" rapper subsequently addressed the incident on Instagram Stories, uploading a snapshot of the victim on the ground with the remark, "He was sleepy."

He also shared another user's message, which read:“who man’s was it that got cripped walked in last night down Baltimore st by them cali n-ggas [crying face emojis] that N-gga @bluefacebleedem undefeated in our city where is tank when u need em sike nah‼️‼️ happy new year though.”

Blueface was recently involved in a shooting at the Euphoric Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas on October 8, according to legal records obtained by TMZ. According to the claimed victim, the rapper was conversing with "several girls in a cheap vehicle."

Blueface was not pleased, and members of his entourage allegedly struck him "multiple times." Later, the man came to the club in his truck and questioned the crew, "Who struck me?!?" Security footage showed Blueface pulling out his rifle and firing bullets at the car as he drove away.

According to authorities, the guy was left with a gunshot graze on his left hand and a vehicle riddled with bullet wounds.

Blueface has maintained his innocence, however, a guy claiming to be the proprietor of the Euphoric Gentlemen's Club stated the club was forced to close due to the "gang-related activities" Blueface brought to his company. He also wants the rapper to spend "the rest of his life in prison" or "pay us till the day he leaves this earth."

The "Thotiana" rhymer was lodged into the Clark County Detention Center before his November 16 court appearance. He was later freed on $50,000 bail from police detention.

Blueface had also been engaged in another violent altercation with Chrisean Rock's father not long ago. The entire brawl was recently broadcast on the first episode of the controversial couple's new reality show Crazy In Love.