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Chrisean Rock Accuses Blueface Of Wasting Their Money By Beefing Online

Blueface and Chrisean Rock continued their feud on social media this week, but the "Baddies South" actor says that beefing online would harm their business.

On Tuesday (Jan. 18), Blue resorted to Twitter to share some thoughts with his fans. "In a relationship, the most I can do is 80-20," he said, before adding, "100-0 is crazy work."

And after that he gave Chrisean Rock some "food for thought," questioning her loyalty over her refusal to fight her family members over him.

“Rock didn’t fight or attempt to fight anyone in her family for me,” he tweeted. According to Blueface, Chrisean said she disagrees with fighting her relatives. However, Blue claims she volunteers him to fight his family members “when put in the same uncomfortable position.”

“That’s crazy work,” he sais. Stand on yo principles or be held accountable.”  Blueface has been most likely reacting to a recent episode of the couple's reality show Crazy In Love, in which he almost came to blows with his brother. Before security interfered, the siblings squared up against one other.

Chrisean Rock noticed the tweet because Blueface is one of just two people she follows. She accused the "Thotiana" hitmaker of using her as "bait" to get others to criticize her and warned him to back up.

“Here you go … 5…4…3…2…1,” she replied. “Not finna beef with a n#### on Twitter pull up. Im not Finna have u use me as bait n let you side with people dat hate me.”  

"Leave Chrisean out of the Twitter finger s###," she instructed Blueface. She further stated that Blue is unconcerned with her mental or spiritual well, and that he breaks her down "bit by bit" when she is depressed.

Chrisean then mentioned that they make money as a partnership.  “The last thing I need is us crashing out on the socials knowing we broken up. You subbing knowing we ain’t our best selves,” she penned. “I just know I’m up next n I’m bringing yo ass wit me 🖕🏽😅”