Chrisean Rock kicks in TV After Forcibly Being Removed From Blueface Interview - WhatsOnRap

Chrisean Rock had a complete meltdown during No Jumper interview and Blueface had to get security to kick her out

After an incident during an interview with Blueface, Chrisean Rock was forced to be taken out of a podcasting studio.

Rock can initially be heard off-camera shouting at her spouse to come to her in a film published on Instagram by No Jumper on Thursday (January 12). The camera then cuts to the unhappy reality star, who is sitting on the ground, while security personnel tries to calm her down and explain that they need to take her out of the studio, as Blueface had requested minutes before.

Moments later, as the "Thotiana" rapper pursues her, security arrives to escort Chrisean Rock out of the studio while she flails her arms and legs in defiance. She kicks a giant television or monitors mounted on one of the walls in the process.

As the cameras momentarily follow her and the security guy into the corridor, she can be seen fighting her removal from the studio.

Chrisean Rock revealed the chain of events leading to her expulsion in a long Instagram post hours after the video was published and finally went viral. "Blue told them to take me out of the interview as soon as I got up after I said something revealing n it wasn't a good look for blue," the statement began.

Rock went on to explain that the entire event was triggered by her disputing Blueface's story of an incident in which he claimed she assaulted him with a piece of glass during an altercation, prompting him to punch her back. His ex-girlfriend, a former artist, claims he struck first.

“One thing about me I’ll be ok if I started this altercation physically,” she added. “But this time he should have said next question instead of talking bout a situation n we both knew what happened I didn’t feel like anybody had my back I felt I had to really say what happened because that interview really triggered me bro.”

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's frequently violent relationship turmoil has played out in public, on social media, and, most recently, on reality TV. Their volatile relationship has resulted in several public squabbles, arrests, and property destruction.