ROB49 Reportedly Sh*t While Filming With French Montana In Miami - WhatsOnRap

Around 10 people, including Montana's bodyguard and rapper Rob49, were shot outside a restaurant when rapper French Montana's music video ...

On Thursday night, a shooting occurred at a Miami Gardens restaurant where French Montana was supposedly filming a music video. Several individuals were hurt at The Licking, according to WSVN, however, an official figure has not yet been released.

WSVN stated, “Police said they believe the shooting was an isolated incident but have not provided further details about it or a possible gunman or gunmen, as they continue to investigate.”

According to CBS News, police said "several" persons were shot, and four were airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Some injured were "transported to area hospitals," while others "drove themselves." According to reports, 10 to 15 bullets were fired.

“We’re still working [the scene]. Yeah, there’s multiple shots, there’s multiple cases,” Miami Gardens Police detective Diana Gorgue told WSVN. “We’re still working. We can’t confirm any numbers at this moment, because everything is still fresh, and they’re still investigating.” According to the report, there are "three different crime scenes, but the other two are unknown."

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