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 Funk Flex Says He'll Play 6ix9ine Music Again Since More Rappers Are Snitching

Funkmaster Flex claims he's quite ready to play 6ix9ine songs again because more artists are snitching, as he said.

On Monday (Jan. 16), Funkmaster Flex, the iconic Hot 97 DJ, took to Instagram to inform his almost 3 million followers that he is no longer refusing to play 6ix9ine tracks as a consequence of the "Gummo" spitter collaborating with law authorities in 2019. 

Flex added that in his perspective, lots of contemporary rappers who've come before and after 6ix9ine have spawned a whole wave of snitches, and working with police has become a regular tendency inside hip-hop.

"What veryone's opinion?" Funk Flex captioned the Instagram post which was followed by a video of 6ix9ine recently flaunting what he claims is $1 million in cash. "For me, I'm no longer not 'not' playing 6ix9ine music anymore. Speaking for myself only. Obviously, according to reports, the trend amongst a lot of current rappers, since and before 6ix9ine, consist of cooperating and testifying."

He continued: "Be clear. Many of your favorite artists cooperate with law enforcement. Don't let me call names. Man, who we kidding? It seems that these new rappers ain't doing 10-20 years with [or] for nobody. They not doing five years."

The Creative Program Director of Hot 97 in New York subsequently went on to name a group of rappers he feels are the final generation of rhymers that served their time without snitching on their colleagues. He concludes his diatribe by directly asking 6ix9ine if he has any new songs he'd like the legendary DJ to play.

"The last of that stand-up tradition are Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Fetty Wap, Boosie, and Young Thug," Funkmaster Flex added. "6ix9ine, you got new music? Send it. Thursday, 7 p.m. What's everyone's opinion?"

Funk Flex's hardline position on snitching in the rap industry comes on the heels of the massive outrage Gunna and other YSL associates are presently suffering as a result of taking plea agreements in their ongoing RICO case. 

Gunna has been chastised by rappers such as Freddie Gibbs, Boosie BadAzz, and 6ix9ine himself in the month since pleading an Alford plea to racketeering charges. Recently, Lil Baby appears to have unfollowed Gunna on Instagram, and many believe Lil Durk dissed the "Pushin P" rhymer in a new song.