Lil Keed Cause Of Death Revealed, YSL Rapper Died From Eosinophilia - WhatsOnRap

Lil Keed's Cause Of Death Has Been Confirmed To Be From Natural Causes Stemming From A Battle With Eosinophilia

Eight months after the Atlanta rapper died in Los Angeles, the reasons for the d*ath of Lil Keed have now been confirmed.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner/Office Coroner announced its final conclusions on what caused the 24-year-old rapper's d*ath in May on Tuesday (Dec. 3). Lil Keed died by natural factors due to eosinophilia, according to their report. 

The Mayo Clinic defines eosinophilia as "is a higher-than-normal eosinophil count. Eosinophils are a kind of white blood cell that fights infection. This illness is usually caused by a parasite infection, an allergic response, or malignancy."

Lil Keed passed away on May 13, 2022. The d*ath was announced by his cousin and fellow rapper LilGotit, who did not disclose any specifics about the cause of d*ath. Following the announcement, Lil Keed's label, 300 Entertainment, issued a statement on the rapper's tragic demise.

Keed was on the upswing as a part of Young Thug's YSL label at the time of his d*ath. He was not mentioned in the RICO indictment of the organization, which was issued less than a week before Keed's d*ath.