Lil Tjay Has Been Arrested For The Second Time In Two Weeks- WhatsOnRap 

Lil Tjay has been arrested for the second time in two week for illegal possession of a firearm

For the second time after two weeks, Lil Tjay has been arrested. Following his detention on gun accusations 11 days ago, Lil TJay has arrested again on Thursday (Jan. 26) and released at some time today, according to police documents acquired by XXL

TJay, was detained for failure to appear in court in connection with his gun-related arrest earlier this week, contrary to original reports that he was charged with felony illegal possession of a handgun in the Bronx and has since made bond. His next court appearance is planned on February 14, according to reports.

Like reported earlier, Lil Tjay was detained on Jan. 16 at an Ice Spice video shoot for alleged weapons possession. According to the NYPD, an SUV holding Tjay and four other people was unlawfully parked, prompting officers to investigate. They searched the car and discovered four guns. All five guys were apprehended. Tjay bonded out the next day.

Dawn Florio, Lil Tjay's attorney, alleged the rapper's arrest during a video shoot was the result of an unreasonable search and seizure, claiming police had no purpose for searching the car. She also attempted to claim the firearms were not her client's.

Following being the target of a near-fatal shooting last summer, Lil Tjay is starting to make his musical comeback, releasing "Give You What You Want" last November and appearing on "Gangsta Boo" on Ice Spice's new EP Like..?.