Meek Mill almost gets into a Fight with Gary Russell Jr at Gervonta Davis Bout in Washington DC - WhatsOnRap

Meek Mill nearly ended up in a fight while attending Gervonta Davis' win ... world champion Gary Russell Jr, along with some of his friends.

Throughout the fight with Gervonta Davis, Meek Mill was a talking point. Meek Mill nearly got into a brawl. Meek Mill's fighting abilities have received a lot of attention, at least in the gym. 

They appeared to be putting it to the test in real life last night during the Gervonta Davis fight. Fortunately, that did not occur, as it seemed like Meek and Gary Russell, Jr. were about to engage in an all-out brawl. At the very least, their crews were. Nobody knows how close they got to brawls.

Meanwhile, it appeared as if a group of guys from each squadron intended to get it on since some disrespect was thrown towards Tank, who was battling in the ring. GRJ is a professional fighter, and a very good boxer at that, so I don't believe Meek ever wanted that type of smoke.

Therefore at end of the day, it appeared that wallow, the Philly Podcaster, did what he does best. He acted as a big brother, ensuring that Meek and his entourage left the venue in peace. Tank went on to win the fight via TKO in the eighth round. Later, Meek turns to Twitter to discuss his position.