Metro Boomin Said That Young Thug Recorded  "Skyfall" Verse While Sleeping -  WhatsOnRap

Metro Boomin says Young Thug recorded his whole verse for Travis Scott’s “Skyfall” while he was sleeping

Metro Boomin, who recently released Heroes & Villains, revealed some surprising details regarding Young Thug's studio routines.

Metro Boomin and Young Thug built a good rapport on wax throughout the years. When they released songs like "The Blanguage," they raised anticipation for a combined project. Simultaneously, they developed their collaborative approaches on recent albums such as "Trance," which also includes Travis Scott. 

The Astroworld musician previously collaborated with Metro and Young Thug on the song "Skyfall" on his Days Before Rodeo EP.

However the track became a fan favorite among Scott's devoted followers, Metro recently announced the backstory behind Thug's verse. Throughout an appearance on Producer Grind, he revealed that he saw Thug cook up his verse while sleeping.

"He was sleep [when] he recorded that whole — aye, his whole part on 'Skyfall,' he was sleeping, bruh," Metro revealed. He claimed that the two were sitting next to each other in the recording booth when Thug punched in.

“Where he punchin’ at, you could see this n***a clearly sleep but he’s so one with the music, like how I be feelin’ one with the music,” Metro added. “You’ll think he’s sleep and soon, right on time for him to come in, he’ll be like, ‘Look me inside of my eyes,’ and then just go back down.”

Thug appeared on Heroes & Villains two times. Thug collaborated with Metro on "Metro Spider" in addition to "Trance," on which Drake has an unreleased verse.