Woman Who Was Shot In The Head During The TAKEOFF Shooting Speaks Out For The First Time! - WhatsOnRap

A 24-year-old woman speaks out for the first time after she was shot during he altercation that led to Takeoff's death.

The woman who has been wounded in last year's fatal shooting at Takeoff in Houston is speaking out about the incident.

Syndey Leday, 24, told KHOU that she is still emotionally recovering from the events that resulted in her being shot in the head. “I have feelings of being grateful I’m still here,”  she says.

she said in a sad interview, recalling the moment she awoke in the hospital. “Everybody was around me. Well, when I first woke up, I didn’t want to be there. I kept telling my mom, ‘I wanna go home.’ I had never been in a hospital like that. But I remembered what happened, because I was up the whole time after I got shot in the head and I called my mom.

Leday claimed that after the gunshot, she felt "the sting" in the back of her head and distinctly remembered the person she was with at the time driving her to the hospital. "It was like something out of a horror movie," she claimed. "I was covered in blood... Still, it was my birthday weekend."

The incident happened in the early morning hours of November 1st, while Leday was out celebrating Halloween "like any other 24-year-old." She went on to say that she was looking forward to dressing up for Halloween because it was something she had never done before.

 “I thought it was just like, you know, some friendly banter,” she said. “Quavo, he was upset. So I noticed something was wrong. … He was finna leave. So the party wasn’t gonna keep going on, and I saw whenever… Everything broke out and I tried to run, but I didn’t go that far, so. It was really like a movie, shooting all the way until I got down the escalator into the car.”

Leday claimed that she was fleeing when she was shot and that she was hospitalized for a week after being admitted. She's had panic attacks and battled with her mental health as a result of the incident.  “I feel like that part was worse than the actual part of being shot in the head,” she said. Initially, she didn’t even know other people were shot. “I was sad that it ended up like that,” she said. “But I mean, we were all in the same situation. … The place that it hit in my head, I just feel like it was a miracle.”