YSL Co-Founder Calls Out Gunna For Taking Plea in RICO Case: “You Crossed the Line, My Brother ” - WhatsOnRap

Gunna has been called out by YSL co-founder Mondo for snitching as part of his plea deal in the YSL RICO case, claiming he "panicked."

Mondo, co-founder of YSL, has called out Gunna for allegedly snitching as condition of his plea agreement in the YSL RICO case.

Mondo was asked what comes to mind when he hears certain phrases on the current episode of the Ugly Money Podcast with Murphy Lee, and Gunna's name came up.

“I mean, the only way to answer that, man… my man did what he did,” he said. “He did what he did, man. I ain’t put no cap on it, I ain’t sitting here putting no – hey man, he did what he did, man. I know this for sure, I ain’t going off what no internet talking about. I ain’t going off what I’m seeing all over cap.

“I’m talking personally, on everything I love, I’m talking I know what’s going. Boy, you ain’t supposed to do that, my brother. Even if I did be talking to nobody, everybody who got common sense, everybody who’s been in the streets know, you do not, boy, you don’t do no shit like that my brother.”

He added: “I always said, bruh, he was a good genuine n-gga … But certain shit makes you do certain shit … You can’t say, ‘Oh, they tricked me,’ or ‘Oh, I ain’t talked,’ or ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ Come on, my brother. It’s certain shit you just don’t do. And hey boy, you crossed the line, my brother. You did that.”

Once Lee wondered if he was referring to Gunna as a snitch, he replied: “Everybody got the same ears I got? Unless you’re deaf or you’re blind. You took a plea saying you’re the main artist brother, you know this a gang and on top of that you got caught with something and it wasn’t yours, so who else was it? Who doing shit like that? Who doing that?

“You could have nothing, your shit finna get dropped, brother. You know that. Bruh, what the hell, you panicked. Not to bring back the panic word, you panicked, brother. You panicked, man … No bullshit, man. That boy panicked, man.”

On December 14, Gunna pled guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge and was freed from jail after receiving a five-year sentence with one already served in prison. The remainder of his sentence will be fulfilled through 500 hours of community service.