6ix9ine Impersonator in Cuba Throws Money Into Crowd, Causing Chaos - WhatsOnRap

6ix9ine is under scrutiny by the Cuban government after a man impersonating the rapper threw money into the crowd outside of his hotel and chaos ensued

The Cuban government is investigating 6ix9ine ever since a man impersonating the rapper threw money into the public outside his hotel, creating chaos.

According to a report released in the Miami Herald on Friday (Feb. 17), a 6ix9ine lookalike threw what seems to be cash into a huge crowd, causing a street riot to erupt. Fans of the Brooklyn, New York rapper were reportedly gathered just outside of the Grand Packard Iberostar hotel in Cuba's Old Havana neighborhood on Thursday (Feb. 16) when someone began throwing money from a car.

When this occurred, flocked to the area to obtain the accusation cash. Local media reported that the money was lobbed from a balcony at the five-star hotel where 6ix9ine was residing, but that information could not be confirmed.

A guy is standing on top of a car and flinging money in the air in a video that went viral on Twitter. Thousands of people are racing towards the spot, and what appear to be dollar notes are floating in the air.

According to the Cuban news website Informacion, Cuban officials condemned the act and called it "disrespectful" to their country.

"The Ministry stated that it was 'two people outside the singer, one of them pretending to be him' who 'in a disrespectful way and with clear purpose of provocation, threw bills at the population,'" it stated.

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According to the Miami Herald, 6ix9ine released a video of the tumultuous scene on an Instagram Story that has since expired and emphasized that it wasn't him but someone mimicking the rapper who created the ruckus. Tekashi then shared another video, this time showing people fleeing and shouting outside the hotel window, with the caption: "Someone dressed like me is insane. I adore you. Cuba."

It is unknown why 6ix9ine is in Cuba or what license, if any, he is using to enter the country. Although tourism to Cuba is still restricted, the Biden administration has reinstated group travel to the island under the "people-to-people" educational travel category.

Even though traveling in another state or nation, 6ix9ine is renowned for handing away big quantities of cash to unsuspecting people. Below is one of Tekashi's charitable videos.