Kodak Black Claims He's Enrolled In College - WhatsOnRap

Kodak Black said he is enrolled in college at Arizona State University

Last year, Kodak Black informed followers that he was attending college but did not mention which institution. This week, the rapper from Florida referenced the institution when discussing the Super Bowl festivities in Arizona.

“Arizona been one of my states,” he wrote. “Fun fact: I’m really enrolled in ASU college after getting my GED in jail. I’m just in love with applying myself although money so long can teach the school something.”

He added, “Anyways, yea it’s lit this week ‘AZ’ Super Bowl week. I’m in my mood. I’m home in my comfort zone real comfy.” In 2018, Kodak Black received his GED. He was in prison at the time for violating his parole.

“I just received my high school diploma today and although it is a big accomplishment for me I am yearning for more,” he wrote in 2018. “I appreciate my teachers Mr. Williams and Mr. Ward for those times when I would get frustrated you worked diligently to make sure I had the right materials and was ready for this big day.”

On Friday, Kodak Black play at a Super Bowl party at the Varsity Tavern in Tempe (February 10). The main campus of Arizona State University is in Tempe.