Drake and 21 Savage have settled their lawsuit over fake Vogue cover - WhatsOnRap

Drake and 21 Savage have reached a settlement with publisher Condé Nast over the use of a fake Vogue cover story to promote 'Her Loss'.

During the promotion for Drake and 21 Savage's 2022 album "Her Loss", the two decided to manufacture fake Vogue magazines featuring themselves on the cover and throughout the book. They even decided to sell the magazine, and many people thought the two were on the cover of Vogue. While the two's followers embraced this marketing tactic, Vogue executives disagreed and chose to sue the two.

Vogue had reportedly demanded $4 million from Drake and 21 for the usage of the fake cover. According to a recent update, the team and the famous magazine brand have settled the issue.

According to TMZ, Drake and 21's attorneys met with Vogue's parent organization Condé Nast and were able to reach an out-of-court settlement for an undisclosed sum. The parent firm also won an injunction to ban the commercial use of Vogue's trademarks as part of the settlement.

The payment from Drake and 21 will "bolster our continued creative production, including Vogue editorial," according to the parent company's counsel.

Vogue was the only brand to go after Drake and 21, who used a false Howard Stern interview and a fake Saturday Night Live performance with Michael B. Jordan to promote their record.

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