Latto Shows Off Tattoo Behind Her Ear With 21 Savage’s First Name - WhatsOnRap

Latto was seen sporting some new ink behind her right ear that spells out “Sheyaa,” which is Savage's real name, Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph.

Latto has been open about her relationship with a man for several months. In the meantime time, she does not desire for the public to know about that aspect of her life. 

That has never really prevented the rumour mill from churning. Specifically, numerous social media experts claim the 777 artist is dating her "Big Wheelie" partner 21 Savage.

They've known one other for numerous years. "[21 Savage] is one of the Atlanta artists in charge. Then I'm the woman in charge, hands down," the 24-year-old declared in March. Simultaneously, she remembered opening a concert for him at the age of 15 or 16 years old.

They've collaborated musically in various ways since then, and they're frequently spotted at the same gatherings. Photos or videos of them appearing together have yet to surface on the internet. Nonetheless, people have speculated about the possibilities of their romance. Latto has stated that she chooses to keep her love life secret since it is genuine and not a publicity act.

Simultaneously, the SAVAGE MODE II hitmaker denied having a "famous girlfriend" during a recent Clubhouse session. Both artists are certainly being evasive about their intentions. However, the Ohio-based blonde disclosed over the weekend that she had some new tattoos, ostensibly devoted to her lover.

Latto appears to have added "Sheyaa," which is 21 Savage's name, to her collection of ink behind her ear. Of again, neither side has publicly declared their love relationship. Still, this appears to be a strong indicator that they will go public in the near future.

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