Lil Yachty Calls Out Pitchfork For “Let’s Start Here” Review - WhatsOnRap

Lil Yachty calls out Pitchfork

On Friday, Lil Yachty released his latest album, Let's Start Here. Yachty took a huge step forward with the project, delving into psychedelic rock and soul in an attempt to define himself as more than just a "rapper." 

Finally, the experimental initiative elicited a barrage of responses. Some loved it, some despised it, but it prompted a conversation about Yachty's talent.

Pitchfork clearly didn't think much of the endeavor. In a review that described the project's highs and lows, Alphonse Pierre scored the album a 6.0. 

As with most Pitchfork reviews, it sparked internet debate, and Yachty provided a quick critique of the magazine. "Lol pitchfork is so washed up," Lil Yachty responded to the publication's assessment on Twitter.

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Alongside Pitchfork's criticism, rappers like as Drake and Questlove have praised Yachty's farewell album. Questlove wrote a lengthy review on his Instagram page, praising Lil Yachty for venturing outside of his comfort zone. He also stated that Let's Start Here gives him optimism for the future of hip-hop.