Wack 100 Slams J. Prince for Claiming He Helped Cardi B From L.A. Gang Threats - WhatsOnRap

J. Prince claimed that he helped Cardi B and Offset with L.A. Gang threats but Wack 100 says that's not true.

Wack 100 and Cardi B reacted to J. Prince's fight with Offset. Following Offset's reaction to the Rap-A-Lot CEO's statements on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Prince responded on Instagram with a long rebuttal, pressing down on charges that the Migos rapper threatened him. 

He also claimed to have assisted Cardi B and Offset in Los Angeles following her "flu" statements, while bringing up Takeoff once again.

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After that, 'Set fired back on Twitter, writing, "U da police all mouth with no proof just fairy tales." Cardi B added to the conversation, explaining that it was Wack 100 and Big U who assisted them in Los Angeles, not J. Prince. 

"Why would he be called  for anything involving crips?" Wack 100 later corroborated this claim, calling out J. Prince on Clubhouse for airing his grievances against Offset on a massive platform like Million Dollaz Worth Of Game. "If you heard it on the street, you're supposed to keep it on the street. "You're not supposed to go on a podcast and publicize it," Wack said.

Wack 100 commented on Akademiks' article, shedding insight on what transpired wit Cardi B in Los Angeles. He mentioned that J. Prince had no engagement in defending the rapper regarding the lingo controversy.

 “We covered for @iamcardib that weekend. She’s a Damu and we kept her straight,” he said. “@jprincerespect your all #CAP WHY ARE YOU LETTING THE WORLD KNOW THIS MAN HAD A PROBLEM WITH YOU & YOU HEARD THIS IN THE STREETS! #PC MOVE," In the comments, he came to a conclusion.

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