XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Claims He Received Only $5K Out Of $50K From Fatal Robbery - WhatsOnRap

Robert Allen, a suspect in the XXXTentacion murder trial, says that he only received $5000 of the $50000 that was taken during the robbery.

A member of the individuals charged in XXXTentacion's murder reportedly stated that he just got $5,000 for his involvement in the burglary that occurred previous to the rapper's death.

Robert Allen, one of four individuals charged in connection with the murder, testified for the prosecution yesterday (Feb. 8) and outlined the events leading up to the heist and deadly gunshot.

Allen says throughout his evidence that he only collected $5,000 of the $50,000 seized during the robbery owing to his hesitancy to perpetrate the crime, with the remaining $45,000 shared equally among the other three suspects at $15,000 each.

According to the informant, one of Allen's co-defendants, Dedrick Williams, urged that Allen not get any of the money seized during the robbery, but the suspected triggerman, Michael Boatwright, argued that he should be reimbursed for his presence during the crime.

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According to the suspect, Williams also bought a ski mask from the store with the aim of wearing it during the heist, and the four suspects departed the parking lot and waited nearby. “As they’re driving, coming out of RIVA Motorsports, Dedrick [Williams] blocks them off, and Michael Boatwright and Trayvon Newsome get out and rob them,”

Allen testified, naming Boatwright as the accused gunman. He claims that Newsome took the rapper's jewels and a Louis Vuitton bag holding the $50,000 before Boatwright fired "two or three times" at the victim and the group fled the area.

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