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Twitter Confused At Anthony Hamilton Collaborating With DaBaby

DaBaby and Anthony Hamilton have just released a video for "BLANK," their nearly year-old collaboration.

Futhermore, the record popped up on Baby’s 2022 album, Baby On Baby 2, that either earned typically depressing reviews and highlighted a commercial downturn. 

Nonetheless, his career currently resides on, and so many fans were especially pleased with this collaboration. However, following the release of its music video, many people took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the song. 

Obviously, people remarked not just on the Charlotte rapper's public fury, but also on his musical production.

In terms of the music video, it shows a luxurious, dramatic, and deadly romance, with both performers dressed dapperly. Despite the technical skill at work and the concept at its core, many people were only interested in the song itself. Yet, the song is not uniformly condemned, indicating that the hate train may become too exaggerated.

Nonetheless, DaBaby continues to achieve success and advance his career, albeit frequently outside of the United States. He recently reported, for example, that his gigs in Hong Kong were nearly totally sold out. While this is part of an effort to demonstrate the media he's still got it, many interpreted his bragging as another hit against him.

Fans Respond To "BLANK" Check out some of the reactions below ↓: 

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