Ice Spice Fan Tries to Jump on Stage During Rapper’s Rolling Loud Performance - WhatsOnRap

A fan tries to jump on stage during Ice Spice’s performance

An impatient Ice Spice fan attempted to run onto the platform during the rappers' appearance at Rolling Loud and was halted by security.

Ice Spice performed on the final day of 2023 Rolling Loud California on Sunday (March 5). During her performance of the Like...? song "Princess Diana," a fan supposedly leapt over an outside barrier and attempted to crash the stage. In the video, the fan can be seen on his knees with his hands clutched together, yelling the "Munch (Feelin' U)" rapper's name at the top of his lungs again and over. Event security is keeping an eye on everything.

The guy then stands up and tries to run over security and onto the stage. Security responds immediately, seizing the man and forcing him back into the throng. Before the video ends, he continues to scream hysterically.

Ice Spice has a devoted fan base that is active on social media and in person. A video of an Ice Spice fan offering her a bunch of flowers outside a gig last month went viral, and she respectfully declined. Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West recently showed their fandom on TikTok, demonstrating her celebrity fandom.

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