BTS's J-Hope Has Announced His New Collaboration With J. Cole, "On The Streets" -  WhatsOnRap

J. Cole & BTS's J-Hope have a song titled "On The Street" dropping this Friday

J Cole maintains his phenomenal feature streak over the last couple years. But, we haven't seen the full extent of his adaptability. We've seen him hold in when he showed up on Gang Starr's "Family Jewels" with the late Guru

He collaborated with BIA on the 2022 hit "London," demonstrating his familiarity with UK culture. This week, he'll be expanding his portfolio to reach K-Pop fans with a new collaboration with J-Hope, a member of BTS.

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J. Cole is dropping a song with J-Hope of BTS

J-Hope of BTS revealed this morning that he'll be dropping another collaboration with J Cole titled "On The Street" on Friday. Dreamville and J-Hope released the single's clip on the internet this morning, sending fans into a frenzy. 

The trailer shows Cole and J-Hope together, staring off-screen before a whistling melody plays. Cole fans praised him for venturing outside of his typical comfort zone, while the BTS Army celebrated another big American partnership. The single will be released on Friday, March 3rd.

However, this collaboration may appear to the listener to be a random collaboration of artists, "On The Street" will sign a full circle point in time for J-Hope. He's previously expressed his appreciation for Cole over the years. 

Hope pays tribute to the Fayetteville native on BTS's 2014 album, "Hip-Hop Phile," alongside Kendrick Lamar, Ye, and Mac Miller. "Before I established my own universe, Cole world/Ever since he shone on Friday evenings," he raps on the track.