Kanye West Makes a Surprising Comeback to Instagram - WhatsOnRap

U.S Rapper, Kanye West has returned to Instagram

On Sunday night, Kanye West made an unexpected return to Instagram, inviting followers to submit a caption for his photo. Ye utilized a photo of a thin runway model wearing a gray dress and red spectacles. He captured the image at Balenciaga's Winter 2023 fashion presentation in Paris. 

Only hours before Kanye's tweet, the firm posted the image on its own Instagram page. "Look 44, Winter 23," the caption said. "Round Shoulder Long Sleeve Turtleneck, Low-Waist Fitted Trousers, Biker Boot, Speed Cat Sunglasses," says the model.

Kanye posted a photo with the remark, "Write a caption..." Many fans and celebrities reacted on the tweet, including YG, who said,

“Yeezy back !!!!!” Stefflon Don asked, “Where the hell you been at?” before providing the caption idea: “When its the time of the month but he still wanna taste.”  Despite Ye is returned on Instagram, he is still banned on Twitter.

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