Cops Swarm Rihanna's House as Man Arrives Wanting to Propose - WhatsOnRap

Police swarm Rihanna’s house after man shows up trying to propose

After a male arrived at Rihanna's home wanting to propose for marriage, the police were called.

According to law enforcement officials, the individual, who flew from South Carolina, walked up to Rihanna's house on Thursday and was almost immediately hailed by her security.

According to TMZ the man alleged he came to propose to Rihanna, and Rihanna's team immediately phoned the cops. When cops came, they handcuffed the man, put him in a vehicle, and had a serious discussion about his motives.

In 2018, a guy called Eduardo Leon was apprehended inside Rihanna's Los Angeles home. Leon apparently stayed at the house for at least a day while Rihanna was out of town before being found. He allegedly informed officers that he came to have sex with the artist.

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