Sauce Walka Allegedly Arrested On Drug Charges After Crew Hit With RICO Charges - WhatsOnRap

Sauce Walka was arrested in Miami. He allegedly had 66 grams of marijuana in his backpack inside plastic bags. He also had a bench warrant for no driver license. He was released on $5,000 bail

Sauce Walka was reportedly detained on drug charges lately. Besides that, he was allegedly caught with 66 grams of marijuana and charged with intent to possess, manufacture, deliver, and sell. 

Nonetheless, his bail was set at $5,000, which is lenient given that many of his crew were recently charged with RICO following their arrest. Moreover, it is unknown whether these two arrests and associated charges are related in any way, though all indications point to the contrary.

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Furthermore, 14 members of Walka's The Sauce Family were arrested in December. More than 200 officials were involved in the arrest and investigation. Drug trafficking and unlawful possession of a firearm constitute two of the actual charges listed in the case. 

As is apparent from the YSL case, RICO accusations are serious business and a difficult procedure to navigate. While the rapper was not charged in the original arrests, prosecutors are likely to have many questions for him. Regardless, the new weed charges appear to be a minor setback for Walka, who also had a bench warrant for driving without a license.

But, a few days later, the 32-year-old angrily denied being engaged in the RICO case. “I don’t want to speak on this s**t too much but I see it’s so many people that’s just so joyous and so happy and hoping and praying that I go to jail in some way shape or form,” he said. “Well guess what you b***h a** mothaf***as? Let me tell you somethin’…. n***a, I’m not going to jail for s**t unless they have a crime for selling my d**k. That’s what I do. I don’t even sell b***hes, I sell my d**k.”