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42 Dugg was sentenced to one year in federal prison for failing to surrender in an earlier gun case

42 Dugg was in serious legal issues in 2019 after firing a firearm while on prison. Although this occurred at a gun range, he was not permitted to do so since he was a convicted criminal. Overall, the penalty for this might be severe. 

He was eventually able to secure no jail time and merely probation for himself. However, this did not last long as his suspended sentence was overturned nearly immediately by a court. As a result, he was sentenced to six months in jail, to be served in West Virginia.

42 Dugg was expected to go to West Virginia to fulfill his sentence in April. However, he chose to skip his surrender date. As a result, federal agents were called in, and the rapper was soon detained and sent to prison. 
42 Dugg sentenced to 1 year in prison for failing to report to jail
He has been on trial since then for "failure to surrender." This resulted in a guilty plea in February, and a sentence has been pending since then. Dugg's destiny appears to be sealed.

According to the Detroit News, 42 Dugg was sentenced to one year in prison. When you consider that the prosecution just requested six months, this is a really fascinating development. The judge, on the other hand, evidently wished to make an example of the artist. 

This is particularly relevant given what Dugg will have to go through upon his release. He will be constantly monitored for up to three years. He will also have to pay a substantial punishment of $20K and refrain from using illicit narcotics.