Cash Money Records Artist Onsight Deeda Has Been Arrested For Gang & Murder Charges - WhatsOnRap

Cash Money Records artist Onsight Deeda was arrested for gang/m*rder charges. After being arrested he was the main person of interest in a highly publicized crime stopper video, where former Sheriff Clay Higgins thr*atens "Darron Carter" now known as Onsight Deeda to a gun battle

Onsight Deeda, a Cash Money Records artist, had been apprehended in 2016 on gang/murder charges related to the Gremlins Gang for terrorizing the areas of Abbeville.

Following getting imprisoned on gang/murder allegations, he became the focus of a well recognized crime stopper video in which former Sheriff Clay Higgins threatens "Darron Carter," known as Onsight Deeda, with a gun war.

Gremlins gang members were arrested, according to WAFB. “suspected of engaging in numerous narcotics and violent crimes including homicide, intimidation of witnesses, and widespread distribution of narcotics.”

Higgins particularly mentions "Darron Carter" (Onsight Deeda) in a video and threatens him with revenge towards him and other Gremlin Gang associates.

Darron Chevelle Carter, Onsight Deeda, was born in Abbeville on May 19, 1997. Darron's family were dedicated workers who operated a used car business and were frequently on the road to car auctions or working long hours without having time to check on him and his elder brother Aaron, thus they became street gangsters and hustlers.

During his teens, Deeda was involved in several sorts of street beef. Since 2014, he has been arrested at least nine times on approximately 30 different crimes.