Rich Homie Quan Slams Roddy Ricch For Removing His Verse From DJ Drama’s Album - WhatsOnRap

Rich Homie Quan speaks after finding out Roddy Ricch had him removed from a song

DJ Drama released his latest album, I'm Really Like That, on Friday, featuring quite a few celebrities. Singers such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, and others feature on the tracklist, however, there are undoubtedly more who did not make the cut. 

For example, Rich Homie Quan allegedly had a verse on the project, but in a recent video, he blamed Roddy Ricch of pulling him from the song. Roddy appears on "FMFU" alongside Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne, but the Compton rapper apparently demanded that RHQ's verse be erased altogether.

Rich Homie Quan addressed his concerns on Instagram Live this morning, claiming Roddy requested that the "Lifestyle" rapper be removed from the record. 

Quan stated that they informed him that they were going to pursue a "different route" with the album, despite the fact that he believes he had one of the stronger verses on the song. “I fuck with Gucci. My verse harder than Gucci Mane. Wayne killed that mothafucka. Man, my shit was harder than Roddy,” he shouted. “Then, they say, ‘We ain’t trying to start no industry sh*t. Roddy wanted you off the song.’ I ain’t even met Roddy!”

Rich Homie Quan continued by claiming that he didn’t even realize there was any tension among both of them. Moreover, he challenged the rapper to do a Verzuz against him.

“Roddy got that ‘Box’ song. I bet his catalog can’t fuck with mine,” he continued. “That song’s all the money he got in the bank.” RHQ said that he’d put his “$10 million to his $1 million” to prove that it was the wrong decision to remove him from “FMFU.”

The "Type Of Way" rapper went on to say that Roddy Ricch's discography is limited to "The Box," which has now gone Diamond.

“Since you wanted me off the song, man, let’s go back-and-forth, catalog to catalog. You ain’t got nothing but the “Box” shit because all that other sh*t wack.”

Finally, Rich Homie Quan felt that instead of doing it behind his back, Roddy Ricch could have actually called him and told him of the decision.

“I ain’t got no problem with Drama ‘nem. I’m just sayin’. If they say Roddy took me off, I don’t want to fight. N***a, hard drive to hard drive. You can’t f*ck with me, boy.”

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