Bandman Kevo Threatens to Sue Gunna for $250K  Feature Fee, Claiming He Can't Collaborate With A Snitch -  WhatsOnRap

After paying $250K for a feature, Bandman Kevo plans to sue Gunna for $5 million after the latter took a plea deal and “messed his name up”

Gunna is being requested to return the $250K he reportedly received for a verse recorded prior to the YSL Rico case... mostly because his collaborator suspects Gunna snitched on Young Thug in exchange for him to get out of jail.

Bandman Kevo, a Florida rapper, claims he paid Gunna to appear on a song they recorded together months ago, but his incarceration delayed the release.

Kevo claims that now that Gunna is free, he is ashamed of the collaboration and that it will not take place.

As nothing more than a result, he's now asking that Gunna return the six-figure check to the sender, and if he doesn't, Kevo threatens to sue.

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The track is called "Alone," and they've even recorded a video with YSL artist Lil Duke who was also detained and made the same Alford plea as Gunna therefore Kevo's entire career is over.

Kevo's repayment request is a complete 180° from his opinions given in an interview a little more than a month ago when he assumed Gunna had an extensive legal system that did not entail snitching.