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Gunna Says He’ll “Fight It Out” In New Song Snippet As YSL Trial Proceeds

Since YSL's trial takes shape larger and longer over Atlanta, the city's most well-known plea-taker is proceeding his career. 

A different snippet of an unreleased Gunna music has recently surfaced, in which the rapper explores "fighting it out." 

Furthermore, this specifically related to his rough and uncertain connection with Young Thug and the rest of his hip-hop crew following snitching allegations. 

Moreover, the snippet popped up on the Instagram story of Brittany Reshaun, a model and friend of the 29-year-old. While he has remained silent since entering his plea, fans and detractors alike are curious about his personal and professional future.

“Heard the rumors said I’m packing up and flying out,” he raps on the unreleased track. “We ain’t going nowhere I’m staying here, gone fight it out / I meant like f**k it / Let’s just give these n***as dark clouds / Been gone for months and I just keep seeing these dark clouds.”

Considering Wunna's free-flowing rap style, these bars might theoretically relate to anything. But, it is too close for comfort, and there is truth even in context alone, despite potentially distinct intents.

Moreover, this snippet comes shortly after DJ Akademiks claimed that Gunna intends out of YSL and is working on an album. People's reactions to the news ranged from ecstatic to indignant, mocking to sympathetic, and appraisals to cancellations. 

Evidently, he still has a large fan base that will overlook his problems with YSL. Many people wonder how long they will stay, and how he will deal with the industry's accusations.

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