Lil Yachty Calls Drake’s Tupac-Playing Toilets “So Annoying” In Kai Cenat Stream - WhatsOnRap

Watch: Lil Yachty Says Every Toilet Seat In Drake’s House Is Heated & Plays Tupac “Hit ‘Em Up”

Drake is sufficiently high 2Pac lover that his toilets play "Hit 'Em Up," according to Lil Yachty. On a livestream featuring YouTube celebrity Kai Cenat on Sunday (April 16), the Atlanta rapper shared the strange revelation, stating 'Pac's 1996 diss song plays on cycle in the various toilets within Drizzy's mansion anytime the toilet seat lifts up.

The originality, according to Yachty, wears off quickly, and hearing the late rap icon's venomous remarks intended at his bitter adversary The Notorious B.I.G. while passing stool is really very "annoying."

“Every bathroom in his house has heated seats,” he said. “And every bathroom in his house, when you walk up to the toilet, it opens and starts playing 2Pac ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ I swear to God! Every time it’s like, ‘Yeah, you fat muthafucka!’ It’s so annoying when you gotta take a shit ’cause it keeps looping.”

Lil Boat said that he's took "several" dumps at Drake's mansion, but owing to the amount of toilets on the huge property, at least "eight or nine" have yet to be christened.

Drake's choice of toilet music isn't the only way he's expressed his affection for 2Pac. The OVO Sound owner paid $600,000 on two handmade necklaces of the late All Eyez On Me rapper in 2020.

The intricate neck ornaments comprised twin Pac pendants, one with a crown of gold thorns over a red bandana and the other with a crown of silver jewels combined with a blue rag. Both came with a diamond chain adorned with around 70 carats of white and yellow diamonds.

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