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Famous Dex Celebrates 11 Months of Sobriety & Announces 'Rich Forever 5'

Famous Dex has crossed an extremely important health milestone. For years, Dex has enthralled audiences. Furthermore, his talent as an artist was immediately apparent. Dex's debut album did, in fact, chart at number 12 on the Billboard 200. 

Songs from Dex Meets Dexter included "Pick it Up" and "Japan." Dex's career has been plagued by substance misuse concerns, despite his skill. Over the years, the rapper has been honest about his battles with addiction. 

As a result, multiple rehab attempts failed. His most recent stay in treatment occurred in September of last year. It came after a jail term for breaching a protection order obtained by his girlfriend against him.

Dex was just spotted at LAX by TMZ Hip Hop. Initially, the reporter commended Dex for his improved appearance since the previous time the two met each other. Dex reacted to the praise with an important health update. "I'm not doing drugs anymore," the rapper declared firmly. 

“I’ve been drug clean for 11 months.”  Addiction may have a negative impact on both the body and the psyche. Dex's improved health, on the other hand, has definitely done wonders for him mentally. Dex removed his sunglasses during the interview to display his eyes.  "I'm happy and healthy," he claimed.

Furthermore, Dex's recuperation might serve as an encouragement to others dealing with similar challenges. Dex then had a note for everyone considering quitting.  “Keep God first, and don’t forget where you come from.”  he said. “We might give up, but God don’t.” 

The rapper's final bit of advise was to "stay humble." Meanwhile, in terms of music, these are exciting times for the Chicago native. 

Dex just announced on Instagram that he has inked a new $5.6 million contract with 300 recordings. The rapper had previously been contracted to the label. However, the new agreement might be the outcome of renegotiations.