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Kanye West’s Donda Academy has been sued for only serving students sushi for lunch

Concurrent with Kanye West's instability during the previous half-year, his school, Donda Academy, has had its own issues.

According to TMZ, the pre-kindergarten through grade 12 institution was just served with a lawsuit on Thursday (April 6). 

The action, filed by two unnamed Black women who used to teach at the institution, claims late or inadequate compensation, health and safety code breaches, and other violations. The most bizarre reports, however, involve accounts of kids being permitted to consume only sushi given by the school.

According to the women in the complaint, the pupils enrolled were fed sushi every day, for which Kanye would pay $10,000 per week. Outside food and beverages were not permitted on the school's campus in Simi Valley, California.

On top of that, more perplexing charges were made regarding West and the school's administration. The children were not permitted to complete crossword puzzles or color books, to wear jewelry, to eat with cooking utensils, to sit in chairs, or to attend class on the second level because "Kanye is afraid of stairs."

Furthermore, the youngsters could only wear black apparel, while companies such as Nike and Adidas, with whom West has had previous feuds, were not authorized.

The ladies who filed the lawsuit said that there was no curriculum or lesson plans in place for teachers and that they were not given sufficient procedures for disciplining kids, which resulted in bullying and fighting. 

The ladies claim they were dismissed as a consequence of "retaliation and racial discrimination" after being hired earlier this year. When they worked at Donda Academy, they claimed that their paychecks were frequently nearly $3,000 short of their minimum amount.

It wasn't stated how much the ladies are suing for, but this is not the first time Donda Academy has been criticized.

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