Rae Sremmurd release Eminem’s “Stan” sampled song “Not So Bad” - WhatsOnRap

Rae Sremmurd - Not So Bad (Leans Gone Cold). Eminem - Dido Stan sample

Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, siblings in hip-hop, released a new album today, including a highly requested single with a well-known hook from "Stan."

It has been a lot of chatter and optimism that Swae Lee may produce a single out of his TikTok video of him performing Dido's heartbreaking tune. 

His admirers may now rejoice. Young musicians' social media posts regarding a successful sample clearance were definitely about "Stan." It's now on Rae Sremmurd's latest album, "Not So Bad (Leans Gone Cold)."

The two did an interview with Bootlkeg Kevin eight weeks prior the album's release, that he posted on the same day as the album. Between other things, the brothers discussed the similarities among their music and Marshall. Of course, they began with "Stan":

Swae Lee stated: "We just got the clearance, shout out to everybody that was involved in that. It’s not an easy process. It’s not just one person, it’s not just Dido. It was a process, going through the clearance but we got the clearance in the perfect time for the album."

"That song… I feel like the world formed that song. Because it was some viral stuff going on when I sang it and then put it on a beat and then the world just been playing, they wanted that version of the beat. The world’s really produced that song, the fans produced that song. It’s just they wanted it. We did a verse, Jxmmy did a verse. We actually had some people interested in getting on it and it was, I think, a good match."

Kevin questioned, rather surprised, whether they had even heard Eminem in Mississippi, only to hear both musicians conforming it in unison.

However the brothers needed to explain themselves. Swae Lee stated that Em's music was always around them growing up on TV, in the house where their parents played music. However, the exposure and impact were more personal and profound for his brother.

Slim Jxmmi said: "[Eminem] was definitely my favourite. The way he was rapping was crazy. I used to like the way he wrote. I used to rap like him at one point in time. I’m a super Eminem fan. Especially, we had a video where it was like a hundred of him, “The Real Slim Shady”. It was really controversial. He was tight."

History has finally come around the corner, with two brothers recording a song that interpolates a beat from one of Eminem's most popular tracks. It's their sound, their voice, their style  all built on Marshall's structure.

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