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Lil Ronald Fatally Shot In Chicago

Lil Ronald, a 14-year-old Drill rapper, suffered a g-nsh*t wound and died in where he was born, according to reports. The Chicago musician was a member of the band Shortymobb

Ronald Nolton, 14, was identified by the family and Cook County M.E. as the boy sh-t and slain this afternoon out south. Ronald Nolton, 14, was sh-t and-k*lled this afternoon in the south, and his family and Cook County M.E. identified him.

As reported from police, the crime occurred shortly before 1 p.m. in the 2300 block of East 80th Street in the South Chicago area.

Police were called to 80th and Crandon, near South Shore Hospital, after reports of many rounds firing .and someone being hit

When they arrived, they found Ronald in a car with a GSW to the chest. When he arrived at South Shore ER, he was taken across the street to Comer's Children's Hospital by a private ambulance.

He was sent to South Shore Hospital in an unknown condition but was subsequently confirmed deceased. Nobody had been arrested. Local cops are investigating it