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Tory Lanez Retrial Hearing Postponed To Another Week

The court has delayed the procedure for Tory Lanez's retrial by another week, that was scheduled to begin deliberation on Monday. (April 10). Both parties will now wait until Monday, April 17 to address the motion. 

Furthermore, the Canadian rapper's legal team requested a continuance to add to their retrial petition. While it is uncertain how this will play out in the long run, it does offer each side more time to prepare their arguments. Lanez sees this as a second opportunity, but the prosecution sees it as confirmation of his previously proved guilt.

In addition, prosecutors reportedly attacked the retrial move, claiming that it "lacks substance." To be more specific, they feel Tory's defense is charging misconduct where none exists, such as not allowing him to testify or adding incorrect evidence. 

However, the prosecution noted that Tory Lanez and his team did not address these objections in court when given the opportunity. As a result, court officials are within their rights to enforce due process in his trial.

This might be a significant move for the 30-year-old as his team attempts to prove he is not guilty. They also tackled some common misunderstandings regarding the artist. 

His counsel, for example, recently clarified his AK-47 tattoo, which appeared to cast him in an unfavorable light in court. Furthermore, the attorney said that the body art pays homage to Tupac Shakur, even drawing a comparison between the two. 

“Mr. Shakur used his music and tattoos to discuss socio-political issues affecting the black community in the nineties,”  According to a legal document, he claimed.  “Yet, he, too, was misunderstood.”

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