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YNW MELLY's Murder Trial Has Started

The murder trial of YNW Melly has officially begun, with jury selection expected to begin on Monday. (April 10).

Despite the information are lacking at this time, the jury selection procedure is likely to take weeks due to Melly's case's popularity. Judge John J. Murphy III will preside over the trial, which Melly's mother announced on Instagram.

“Official update on YNW Melly we started jury selection today and will continue over the next 2 weeks,” she wrote. “Trial will start June 5, 2023. No more delays. #freemelly2023.”

She captioned, “Melly coming home. Today I went to court expecting more delays but we started jury selection. I can’t explain how I feel my anxiety is everywhere but God got us.”

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Three years have passed after YNW Melly was caught and charged with the murders of YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.) and YNW Sakchaser (Anthony D'Andre Williams). YNW's trial has been postponed multiple times since his arrest in 2018, with jury selection scheduled to begin in April.

The procedure was delayed while both parties deliberated the framework of evidence being used in court, but Melly gained an early legal triumph last July when a judge determined that the death sentence may be removed from consideration.

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