YSL Attorney in Young Thug RICO Case Tells Judge ‘It’s Cap’ in Court - WhatsOnRap

A lawyer in the YSL case really told the judge that he’s cappin

Young Thug's YSL RICO lawsuit is still moving slowly but surely as both parties have yet to choose a jury three months into the trial. During the most recent session, one of the lawyers in the case used slang when addressing the court.

The plot of Young Thug and his 13 co-defendants continues. Thugger appeared in court again on Monday (April 17), this time to deliver applications before Judge Ural Glanville. 

During the session, a lawyer mounted the stage to make his case and ordered a halt to previously delivered facts.

"I will start by saying that this assertion that I did not mention before pr-argument...," the lawyer began. Don't worry about that, OK," Judge Glanville interjected. "Because I'd have to do it anyway. So, don't even worry about that. I was just saying, it's not true" the lawyer followed up. "It's cap, to be honest."

There have been some unusual incidents in the YSL RICO case. A court session was disrupted in December when someone showed a sexually graphic video during a Zoom discussion. 

The judge repeated lyrics from Young Thug's song "Slime Sh!t" in court in January. Judge Glanville ordered a juror to submit a 30-page essay for skipping jury duty a week later. 

A week later, one of Thug's co-defendants was captured on camera handing him a prescription tablet. A juror was recently imprisoned for taping court proceedings.

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