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Chris Brown & His Team Allegedly Jumped Usher At Birthday Party

Reports have emerged that Chris Brown and his crew allegedly assaulted famous rapper Usher during a birthday party. 

Although the details of the incident remain unclear, TMZ confirmed that there was an altercation between the two artists.

According to a video posted by TMZ, both artists were present with their respective crews at the Skate City roller rink in Las Vegas. 

It appears that Brown attempted to talk to Teyana Taylor, who was with Usher at the time, but Taylor turned him down. This angered Brown, and he started yelling at the actress, prompting Usher to intervene and attempt to calm the situation. 

However, it is not clear what occurred next, but Usher reportedly returned a short time later with a bloody nose, fueling rumors that he was jumped by Brown and his crew.

The alleged assault couldn't have come at a worse time as Usher had teased a potential Verzuz with Chris Brown just four days earlier. The two were considered close friends until this incident occurred.

During an interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Usher spoke about the possibility of a Verzuz between himself and Chris Brown, stating that it would be an incredible celebration of two people who love each other. He expressed his admiration for Brown, saying that he loves him and his music, and that he has always been there for him during hard times.

It remains unclear what exactly happened at the roller rink party and whether any legal action will be taken against Chris Brown and his crew.


Q: What happened between Chris Brown and Usher at the roller rink party?
A: There was an altercation between the two artists at the Skate City roller rink in Las Vegas, NV, with their respective crews. Details about what exactly happened are still unclear.

Q: Was Usher injured in the altercation?
A: There are rumors that Usher came back with a bloody nose, prompting speculation that he had been jumped by Chris Brown and his crew. However, there is no official confirmation of his injuries.

Q: When did news of the alleged assault surface?
A: Reports of the alleged assault first surfaced on Saturday, May 6.

Q: What was the context of Usher and Chris Brown's relationship before this incident?
A: They were considered "close friends" and Usher had recently teased a potential Verzuz battle with Chris Brown.

Q: What is Verzuz?
A: Verzuz is a popular online music battle series where two artists go head-to-head, playing their hits and engaging in friendly competition.

Q: Did Usher press charges against Chris Brown and his crew for the alleged assault?
A: There is no information currently available about Usher pressing charges. The incident is still under investigation.

Q: Will the potential Verzuz battle between Usher and Chris Brown still happen?
A: It is unclear if the potential Verzuz battle between Usher and Chris Brown will still happen in light of this alleged assault. Both artists have not commented on the matter.

Q: What is the skate rink where the alleged assault took place?
A: The alleged assault took place at Skate City roller rink in Las Vegas, NV.

Q: Has Chris Brown been involved in other altercations in the past?
A: Yes, Chris Brown has been involved in several altercations in the past, including physical altercations with other artists and legal issues related to assault charges.

Q: What has been the response of fans and the public to this incident?
A: The response has been mixed, with some fans defending Chris Brown and others condemning the alleged assault. Many people are calling for a full investigation into the matter.