Ice Cube Issues Warning: Legal Action Threatened Against A.I. Creator If Using His Voice - WhatsOnRap

Ice Cube sends warning to AI music creators: "I don't wanna hear that bullshit"
In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the music industry, iconic rapper and actor Ice Cube has issued a stern warning to artificial intelligence (A.I.) creators. He has expressed his intent to sue any individual or organization that utilizes his distinctive voice without his explicit consent.

Ice Cube, renowned for his influential contributions to rap and hip-hop, has long been recognized for his unique vocal style and lyrical prowess. His deep, commanding voice has become synonymous with his artistic identity, and fans have come to associate his distinct tone with his powerful messages and social commentary.

The warning comes as advancements in technology have paved the way for the creation of realistic A.I. voices, capable of mimicking human speech patterns and inflections. Ice Cube's concern stems from the potential misuse of his voice, leading to unauthorized endorsements, impersonations, or even the creation of new content without his involvement.

In an official statement, Ice Cube said,  “I don’t wanna hear an AI Drake song,”. “ I’mma sue the muthafucka who made it and the people and the platform who play it. It’s like a sample, you know what I mean? Somebody can’t take your original voice and manipulate it without having to pay.”
The warning also serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting artists' rights and the need to obtain proper authorization when utilizing their voices or likeness in any technological applications. It highlights the necessity for A.I. developers to obtain explicit consent and enter into proper agreements with artists to ensure their voices are used responsibly and ethically.