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Kanye West's $57.25 Million Malibu Mansion Could Be Left To Rot After His Construction Company Was Shut Down

Unveiling the Symbolic Odyssey of Kanye West's Malibu Mansion
Kanye West's $57 million property is allegedly decaying after he closed down his construction firm. Kanye West's Japanese-inspired house in Malibu, Calif., is apparently decaying away, based on a story posted on Friday (May 26) by the UK's The Sun. 

The rapper-producer secretly shut down his construction firm, Yeezy Construction, Inc., last November. Since then, the house has been entirely gutted and is currently undergoing renovations.

Kanye purchased the Malibu house at a bargain in September 2021. The property, created by Ye's favorite architect Tadao Ando, was first listed for $75 million before being taken off the market. 

The mansion was supposed to be "part house, part sculpture," with just a handful of Ando designs seen around America, but Kanye totally wrecked it, leaving only a concrete shell and rusted balconies. Along the shore, there are also abandoned utility pipes beneath the land.

According to the Sun, Kanye's construction firm was founded in Wyoming last August, when he acquired a $14 million ranch, which is also apparently accumulating dust. Currently, the Grammy Award-winning rapper is said to be residing at a mansion on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

However, Kanye's fellow musicians, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, just acquired a $200 million mansion built by Tadao Ando in Malibu, California.