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Quando Rondo Reacts to Lil Durk Claiming King Von's Killer Lul Tim a 'Nerd

During a candid interview for Dirty Glove Bastard's popular "Off The Porch" series, Quando Rondo, a talented rapper representing Savannah, Georgia, fearlessly voiced his controversial views. In the realm of rap and hip-hop, where tensions can run high, he made it abundantly clear that he wasn't vibing with Lil Durk.

With a confident demeanor, he kicked off the discussion by asserting, "We blessed, we angels," before delving into his unfiltered sentiments. "But, on God... I ain't about to ride or die for Durk. Nah, that ain't me! Gotta keep it one hundred!"
However, Quando Rondo's stance drastically shifted when it came to Lul Tim, the individual allegedly implicated in the tragic murder of Durk's close friend and creative collaborator, King Von.

With unwavering conviction, he pointed directly at Lul Tim, who sat adjacent to him, emphasizing, "I'd lay my life on the line for this man, though." 

The room grew silent as he continued, unflinchingly stating, "If I had known, I would've willingly made the ultimate sacrifice for him. I'm talking slit throat, right here, right now, on God. 'Cause I know, deep down, he'd reciprocate that loyalty. Hell, he nearly did. That's the kind of bond that hits you right in the heart, you feel me?"

This latest interview only served to highlight Quando Rondo's steadfast support for Lul Tim. Back in 2021, the rapper used his Instagram stories to show off a pair of identical expensive, diamond-encrusted watches, representing their unwavering friendship and ongoing togetherness.

The discussion shed light on the complex dynamics of the rap and hip-hop industries, where loyalties are tested and alliances are formed against the backdrop of celebrity, camaraderie, and the ever-present desire of authenticity. Quando Rondo's candid statements provided a look into a world where connections and bonds are both difficult and profound.