PHILADELPHIA Police Ban Trendy ‘Shiesty’ Ski Masks, Reference Pooh Shiesty - WhatsOnRap

Philadelphia Bans Trendy Ski Masks On Buses After Murder

The Southeastern PHILADELPHIA Transportation District has forbidden the wearing of ski masks, with the Police Chief invoking Pooh Shiesty in his announcement.

According to local news site Fox 29 News, SEPTA issued the prohibition on Thursday (May 25) in reaction to a fatal shooting on a bus in Germantown, Penn. on Wednesday (May 25). The intruder shot the victim in the chest while wearing a sweatshirt and a ski mask.

During an interview with the media regarding the ban, SEPTA Transit Police Chief Charles Lawson referred to the facial coverings as "shiesty" masks.

"Those face masks are prohibited on SEPTA property," Lawson said. "If you come on SEPTA property wearing your shiesty, you will be engaged by police. So I want you to think about it."

"Masks are an issue. I'm going to be completely honest with you," he added. "These full-head coverings are a major issue because we are seeing it routinely being worn in 80-degree weather in Philadelphia. There is no legitimate reason, pandemic withstanding, to wear a full head covering in public for anything."

The balaclava mask, which received notoriety during the COVID-19 epidemic, is also known as the "Pooh Shiesty" mask since the Memphis rapper was known to regularly wear the facial covers.

Pooh Shiesty was imprisoned to more than five years in prison last April after pleading guilty to a weapon conspiracy charge in connection with his role in a robbery and shooting in South Florida. Pooh Shiesty is set to be freed in January 2026, according to federal records.