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Suspect Charged with Murder of Migos' Takeoff
Patrick Xavier Clark was detained in December for the murder of Migos musician Takeoff, who was shot and died on November 1 in Houston, Texas. Clark has now been legally charged with murder, according to TMZ and Pitchfork. According to the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Clark was indicted by a Texas grand jury on Thursday (May 25).

Clark was freed on $1 million bail after his arrest in early January. According to an Associated Press article at the time, Clark's family tried to get his bond reduced to $300,000, claiming in court that they couldn't afford anything higher. Clark's lawyer has indicated that her client has a "valid and meritorious claim for self-defense," according to the Associated Press.

Takeoff was rolling the dice at a Houston bowling alley on November 1, 2022, when a shooting erupted, according to TMZ and local media at the time. Because of the severity of his gunshot wounds, his death was declared a murder. The takeoff time was 28 minutes.


Q: Who was arrested for the murder of Migos rapper Takeoff?

A: Patrick Xavier Clark was arrested for the murder.

Q: When did the shooting occur?

A: Takeoff was shot and killed on November 1, 2022.

Q: What has happened to the suspect, Patrick Xavier Clark?

A: Clark has been formally charged with murder after being indicted by a Texas grand jury.

Q: Has Clark been released on bail?

A: Yes, Clark was released on a $1 million bond following his arrest.

Q: Did Clark's family try to lower the bond amount?

A: Yes, Clark's family attempted to lower the bond to $300,000, citing their inability to pay a higher amount.

Q: What claim does Clark's attorney make about the incident?

A: Clark's attorney asserts that he has a valid and meritorious claim for self-defense.

Q: How was Takeoff's death officially ruled?

A: Takeoff's death was officially ruled as a homicide due to his gunshot wounds.

Q: How old was Takeoff at the time of his death?

A: Takeoff was 28 years old at the time of the incident.

Q: Where did the shooting take place?

A: The shooting occurred at a Houston bowling alley.

Q: When was Clark formally charged with murder?

A: Clark was formally charged with murder after a Texas grand jury indictment on Thursday, May 25.

Q: Who announced the indictment of Patrick Xavier Clark?

A: The Harris County District Attorney's Office announced the indictment.

Q: How was the nature of Takeoff's wounds described?

A: Takeoff's gunshot wounds contributed to his death, which was officially classified as a homicide.

Q: What financial constraints were mentioned during Clark's bond hearing?

A: Clark's family stated in court that they were unable to pay anything higher than $300,000 for his bond.

Q: Are there any ongoing legal proceedings related to this case?

A: Yes, the charges against Clark indicate that there will be further legal proceedings regarding the murder of Takeoff.