Big Pokey Dies at 45 After Collapsing On Stage - Video

Houston Rapper Big Pokey Dies After Onstage Collapse

The tragic passing of Big Pokey, the esteemed veteran Houston rapper also known as Melvin Powell, has sent shockwaves through the music industry. On Saturday night, during a captivating performance in Beaumont, Texas, Big Pokey collapsed on stage, leaving the audience in a state of disbelief. Regrettably, shortly after this distressing incident, the 45-year-old artist succumbed to an unknown cause of death.

Heart-wrenching video footage from the ill-fated performance captures the haunting moment when Big Pokey's voice wavered mid-lyric, followed by a sudden collapse onto his back. Amidst the collective gasps of concertgoers, a compassionate nurse in the crowd sprang into action, swiftly administering life-saving CPR. Yet, despite the valiant efforts to revive him, Big Pokey was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital shortly after midnight, where his untimely demise was confirmed.

Big Pokey's contributions to the Houston rap scene are immeasurable, solidifying his status as a true pioneer. As a founding member of the influential group Screwed Up Click, he played an instrumental role in shaping the city's musical landscape. His solo debut album in 1999, aptly titled "The Hardest Pit in the Litter," propelled him into the spotlight, garnering widespread acclaim and attention. Throughout his career, he continued to bless us with a multitude of albums and memorable collaborations, with his most recent offering being the 2021 masterpiece "Sensei."

In the wake of this devastating loss, a statement from Big Pokey's representatives has affirmed the heartbreaking news of his passing. His family, friends, and devoted fans are left reeling from the void his departure has created. 

As the grieving process unfolds, the public will be duly informed about arrangements for his celebration of life, allowing all those touched by his music to pay their respects. During this challenging time, it is imperative that we honor his family's privacy and extend our support to them.

The profound impact of Big Pokey's presence within the Houston rap community cannot be overstated, as expressed by fellow artist Bun B, who shared his heartfelt sentiments online. Bun B described Big Pokey as a remarkable talent, effortlessly gifted and naturally captivating. 

Behind his unassuming and humble demeanor lay a towering figure of integrity and respect.  He wrote on his IG account: “I wasn’t ready for this. One of the most naturally talented artists in the city. Low key, humble mountain of a man who moved with honor and respect. He was easy to love and hard to hate. He’d pull up, do what he had to do and head home. One of the pillars of our city. If heart of gold was a person. Iconic member of the SUC. There will never be another and will be missed dearly. We love and honor you Sensei. Rest in heaven.”

Big Pokey exemplified the essence of loveability, making it easy for others to embrace him and challenging anyone to find a reason to harbor animosity. He was a beacon in our city, a pillar of strength, and his absence will be deeply felt. 

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