BlocBoy JB Claims He, Eminem, J. Cole, & Drake Are The “Best Rappers In The World” - WhatsOnRap

 BlocBoy JB recently claimed on Instagram that he is one of the "best rappers in the world.

BlocBoy JB recently claimed on his Instagram Story that he is one of the "best rappers in the world," along with Eminem, Drake, and J. Cole. He expressed his confidence in his skills, stating, "I'm One Of The Best Rappers In The World Y'all Just [Sleep Emoji]. Bar 4 Bar only n***a up der wit me is @eminem @champagnepapi @realcoleworld." However, when DJ Akademiks reposted the story on Instagram, fans largely disagreed with BlocBoy's statement, with some accusing him of seeking clout and criticizing his abilities compared to other rappers. 

Nevertheless, J. Cole, Eminem, and Drake are widely recognized as popular choices for the title of the best rapper in the world. In fact, earlier this year, Billboard included all three of them in its "50 Greatest Rappers of All Time" list, with Cole at number 15, Drake at number eight, and Eminem at number five.

Outside of his music career, BlocBoy JB made headlines for supporting Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant after Morant displayed a firearm on social media. BlocBoy JB defended Morant's actions, stating that guns are not illegal and that the recording of Morant in his own car with his registered firearm should not be held against him.

 The NBA is expected to make a decision regarding Morant's suspension after the Finals, according to Adam Silver.