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Nicki Minaj Faces Legal Battle Over Unpaid Jewelry Bills, Strongly Denies Claims

Nicki Minaj faces a fresh legal battle over unpaid bills for custom jewelry. Her attorney strongly denies the allegations, suggesting the jeweler seeks publicity rather than a legitimate payment. According to the lawsuit, a West Hollywood jeweler accuses Nicki's stylist of borrowing jewelry for a public event but failing to return it within the agreed one-week deadline. The jeweler holds the stylist responsible for any damages that occurred while in possession of the pieces.

The lawsuit alleges that the stylist didn't meet the deadline for returning 66 pieces of jewelry and that when they were finally returned, some had noticeable damage. However, a source close to Nicki Minaj refutes these claims, asserting that all items were returned on time and that the jeweler only raised concerns about a missing stone after holding the items for an extended period.
The stylist's failure to pay the invoices for damages has led the jeweler to initiate a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and the stylist, seeking to recover the owed amount of $26,239.50, plus interest. It's important to note that Nicki herself appears to have had no direct involvement with the jeweler.

In response, Nicki's attorney contends that there is no evidence supporting the jeweler's claim of damage caused by Nicki and characterizes the lawsuit as a typical insurance claim aimed at generating publicity and undeserved payment. They pledge to vigorously defend against the allegations.

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