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Ja Rule Reveals 50 Cent's Alleged Plans for Diss Tracks

The feud between Ja Rule and 50 Cent is more than just a passing conflict it has become a timeless truth, deeply ingrained in the annals of hip-hop history. While they still engage in occasional verbal jabs, it has evolved into a historical fact and a form of playful trolling rather than a genuine, fiery rivalry. 

However, there was a time when their animosity burned with intense fervor. Interestingly, before the feud took root, rumors circulated that 50 Cent himself had strategized on how to orchestrate a feud to gain more prominence in the cutthroat music industry. 

This intriguing revelation came to light during a recent interview between Ja Rule and Math Hoffa on the renowned My Expert Opinion podcast, where Ja Rule recollected a pivotal conversation he had with his fellow New York rapper, shedding light on why he finds such tactics unsupportable.

Reflecting on the past, Ja Rule began by recounting his visits to Jam Master Jay's studio, where he would often cross paths with Black Child, both being signed to JMJ. These encounters provided an opportunity for Ja Rule to connect with his dear friend Black, who himself was an artist under JMJ.

During this time, Ja Rule claims that 50 Cent expressed interest in collaborating on a song together.“I got nothing against him but the record never got done- I’m busy. I’m running around. I’m trying to do things. It’s no slight to nobody. It just didn’t happen.“We had our first encounter in Atlanta,” Ja Rule remarked. “We had a talk. Uncle Chaz came to me, said, ‘Yo, homie ’bout to pull up. Would you want to have a conversation?’ I said ‘Alright cool, we’ll have a conversation.’ And when we had a conversation- ‘Yo it’s just a record. Ya know I’m just trying to get out there,’”  Ja Rule stated, attributing the non-fulfillment to his own busy schedule and the myriad commitments that come with being a successful artist. He emphasized that it was not a deliberate snub but rather a result of circumstances.

The ongoing saga between Ja Rule and 50 Cent transcends mere rivalry, evolving into a larger-than-life narrative that captures the attention of fans and industry insiders alike. While the origins of their feud may have been influenced by calculated strategies, Ja Rule's recollections shed light on the resilience of his own artistic integrity and the value he places on genuine human connection.

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