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Discover the Rise of AMiTHiST: A Talented Rapper and Hip-Hop Producer from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Dylan Smith, better known by his stage name AMiTHiST, he is a talented rapper and hip-hop producer hailing from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. With a deep passion for music, AMiTHiST began his musical journey at a young age, initially playing by ear and gradually honing his skills as he grew older. 

It was during his late teens that he found a group of like-minded individuals through an old friend, engaging in discussions about sampling and hip-hop. Inspired by their conversations, they collectively decided to pursue music more seriously, leading to the blossoming of AMiTHiST's career.

Ever since he was a child, music had a profound impact on AMiTHiST's life. At the age of seven, he received his first keyboard and even wrote his first rap verse over a Tupac instrumental. Surrounded by the sounds of music throughout his upbringing, hip-hop became his true passion. 

This unwavering love for the genre solidified when he was in 7th grade, where he would spend countless hours writing rhymes to instrumentals he discovered on YouTube. As he grew older, his creative pursuits expanded to include production, adding another layer of depth to his musical repertoire.

Now at 23 years old, AMiTHiST has faced numerous challenges and life experiences that have profoundly shaped his perspective. From navigating through family issues to enduring financial hardships and even experiencing homelessness, these trials have instilled a newfound sense of resilience and determination within him. Throughout it all, hip-hop has remained a constant source of solace and inspiration.

AMiTHiST's latest single, "Float Away," holds significant personal meaning for him. Released on July 8th of this year, the track signifies his growth as an artist and as an individual. 

Stemming from a place of deep understanding, the song embodies a chill vibe, reflecting AMiTHiST's approach to overcoming life's obstacles, letting them float away while continuing to forge ahead, trusting that everything will work out in the end.
With the release of "Float Away," AMiTHiST aspires to establish a solid foundation for his identity and artistic contributions within the hip-hop landscape. Recognizing that great things take time, he aims to connect with fans on a profound level, knowing that each person who resonates with his music receives a piece of his authentic self. 

Professionally, his focus lies in gradually building a dedicated fan base, understanding that true impact lies in positively transforming the lives of his listeners, one person at a time.

AMiTHiST draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences. However, one artist who has had an indelible impact on his music and personal growth is the late Mac Miller. The profound influence of Mac Miller resonates deeply within AMiTHiST's artistry and his own journey as an artist. Rest in peace, Mac Miller.

Currently, AMiTHiST and his team are focused on laying the foundation for his career. While live performances hold great appeal, the present moment calls for concentrated efforts in cultivating a dedicated fan base. This strategic approach allows them to establish a solid foothold in the industry.

Maintaining balance amidst the demands of promotion and creation is essential for AMiTHiST. By remaining honest with himself and taking things one day at a time, he navigates through the busy artist lifestyle. And, of course, a touch of elevation helps him maintain his focus.

As AMiTHiST and his team continue to build his artistic foundation, they primarily engage with audiences through Instagram and SoundCloud. However, they are currently expanding their reach through a distributor, paving the way for AMiTHiST's presence on platforms such as Spotify. For now, Instagram remains the primary platform for his growing community of fans and supporters.

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